We would like to THANK YOU, who helped us during our fundraiser campaign Breathe Nepal.


We raised USD $1493, that was donated to Scheer Memorial Hospital, in Nepal.

Right now, this hospital has 26% of their beds occupied by COVID patients. The government has not helped them to overcome with financial sustainability but we are sure this donation will help and encourage them to keep their great work.

Thank you for your support and donation.

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Breathe Nepal


Penny Betts, from Gecko Gearz in Kaikoura, and Keity Garcia, from Soul Yoga in Wanaka, united forces to bring to you the project Breathe Nepal.

Nepal is struggling to fight against the Covid pandemic. ICU beds are full, Covid wards are at capacity and many are dying because they cannot get oxygen. Across Nepal there is a severe shortage of oxygen, with some mid-size cities having no oxygen at all in any of their hospitals.


It is difficult to ignore this situation; it is difficult to imagine people dying because they can not find oxygen, not only at hospitals, and keep with crossed arms. And it is more difficult for Penny and Keity, who helped and keep helping Nepalis for years already. When they knew about the Nepal situation, they decided to act. And the situation asks for urgent action.

The Goal

We believe that together is better than alone. And the more is better. 

Our goal is not simple, but it is urgent. And we can not do it without your help.

Originally, our goal was to buy a minimum of 100 oxygen concentration machines and send them to Bir Hospital, the busiest hospital in Kathmandu. Each oxygen concentration machine costs around NZD 380.00 + shipping. Sadly we have just learned that there is a backlog of bookings from supplier of oxygen concentrators and cylinders.

Due to the situation above mentioned and the current circumstances in Nepal, we have had to change our focus to raise funds to purchase and assist in areas other than oxygen.


Therefore after discussion with our people on the ground, we are wanting to donate to an institution NicNepal (https://nicnepal.org/news-and-publications/our-fight-against-covid-19) and the hospital Dhulikhel Hospital, a little bit out of Kathmandu and giving health services to a large number of people from remote sites (www.dhulikhelhospital.org).

Plus we could use monies raised to help feed people, there is so much need at this time.

How You Can Help

We are offering different ways for you to help us in this fundraising campaign:

  • Gecko Gearz - buying any product at Gecko Gearz. 20% of all sales are going to this fundraise.

Penny, the owner of Gecko Gearz and partner in this campaign, already helps Nepal. She imports clothes made in a village, in Kathmandu. She also helps financially the education of a child in this Nepali village​.

  • Fundraise Page - we created a Give a Little fundraising page where you can donate the amount that you would like. Have a look and make your donation.

  • Soul Yoga - 10% of Soul Yoga classes are going to this campaign (the excptions are the casses at the Reecration Centre). Book your class to help us.