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Sunday, 20th June

Lake Wanaka Centre

89 Ardmore St - Wanaka

2:00pm - 7:30pm

In this second edition, the IDY's duration is longer and more yoga teachers are involved, creating a different and really special event.

Keeping the same main goals and our commitment to share our passion and knowledge of Yoga to you, this year we are going to offer simultaneous workshops, spreading and teaching more than asanas. Subjects as Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, Pranayama, Meditation are some examples of what our teachers are preparing for you.

We will also have a special participation of the osteopaths Dr. Steven Pagano and Dr. Francesco Proverbio, from Metamed Wanaka, talking about injuries related to Yoga. Check our full program below.

And in the end off our event, we are going to draw a voucher of $100 from Fearless, the unique active wear shop in Wanaka, to one of our participants. You can't lost it.

The IDY Wanaka is free and open to all, regardless of your yoga experience and level. At the reception, you will see donation boxes of St. John and Cancer Society. We would like to encourage you to help one or both organisations, that help so much our community. 

Please, bring your own yoga mat, props, blanket and water bottle.


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*This workshop finishes at 4:50pm.
This program is subject to change.

About our workshops


An Introduction to Ayurveda - An ancient medicine, Ayurveda can give us the tools to ease disease in all areas of our lives. Join Danni in this introduction to Ayurveda and discover Doshas and your unique constitution, as you learn how to use this new knowledge, recognise where you might be a little out of balance and how to help calm an overactive dosha.

Breath & Posture

Join trained therapeutic yoga teacher Emmilee and she leads this mini workshop using the tools of yoga to look at posture and breath. This workshop covers three fundamentals for good posture and good breath: mindfulness, mobility, and strength. Throughout the workshop we will discuss these three things while incorporating some yoga asana (postures) and movement and breathing exercises in a relaxed environment. This workshop is suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Chakras in Yoga

In this workshop, Danni will give you an introduction into what the chakras are, how to recognise when they are under- or overactive, and begin to utilise relevant yoga asana (posture) & pranayama (breathing) practices to help bring them into balance.

Hatha Yoga - Exploring Kosha's 

Yoga is about relationship with the self. How does a personal practice filter through to the rest of our lived experience? This yoga session explores yogic techniques, for the purpose of discovering how different forms may help us to act appropriately for the different shades and circumstances of life. The structure will be based on the yogic concept of ‘koshas’, that experience is a layered phenomenon. Focusing with clear attention on a single layer e.g the physical, we can get clear feedback on that part of ourselves, and with this we may get insight into how this part interacts and influences the many parts.


Meditation is a simple practice which can create powerful results. When practiced regularly meditation has been proven to offer a range of benefits, such as stress reduction and increased self awareness. It is a practice that has the potential to transform the way you relate to life and to others. Come and join us for a short exploration into meditation; we will have a guided session, as well as time for discussion on creating a home practice that works for you.

Osteopathy & Yoga

Dr. Steven Pagano and Dr Francesco Proverbio, from Metamed, are going to analyse few asanas and tell us about common mistakes, what they can cause in our body in long term and what we should do to avoid future injuries related with our practice.

Slow Flow - “Slow is the new strong”

Join Emmilee as she leads you through a mindful, nourishing flow, aimed at building body and breath awareness while honouring your amazing body. Much like vinyasa, slow flow uses each breath to change the shape of the body, yet we move a little slower, building mindfulness, and allowing more time to connect deeper to how we feel in our bodies, breath, and minds.

Emmilee uses her background training in therapeutic yoga to put together this sequence designed to be accessible to seasoned yoga practitioners and beginners alike.

Yin Yoga - Yin Yoga was first established in 1970’s, based on the Chinese style Yoga called Taoist Yoga which combines ancient Indian traditions with Chinese theories of energy maps through the body.

Amy will be guiding you through particular postures, while encouraging you to connect with your breath, be a witness to sensations occurring with in the body and acknowledging where the mind wonders through any discomfort. The focus of this practice will be to release tension, improve circulation, bring awareness via the breath, activate energy centres and increase flexibility of the body and mind.

Yoga Nidra - Yoga Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep”, is a guided relaxation which is practiced in savasana (supine position). It is well known for its ability to support the calming of the nervous system, inducing a state of deep ease and relaxation in the body and mind. In this workshop we will discuss how yoga nidra can be a valuable tool in daily life, we will then embark on a short guided practice so you can experience the benefits of yoga nidra for yourself. This practice is accessible to everybody. Please bring a blanket and a cover for your eyes.

Yoga Philosophy

Based on concepts from sacred yoga texts and yoga values, this workshop is a chat about how to bring Yoga into your daily life.

About our teachers

Amy Louise - Amy Louise is a Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher with a passion for mind and body awareness.

Yoga has been a core concept for Amy since a young age. The ebb and flow of her practice over the years drew her to completing her 200YTT with The Sacred Fig in India in 2016. Although the emphasis of this course was Vinyasa, other practices were touched upon through the training and Amy found a love for Yin Yoga too. Leading to various short courses in Yin, Myofascial release and Pilates.

Amy truly believes anyone is capable of practicing Yoga, as the postures (asana) is just one aspect. Our bodies have the ability of doing what our mind will allow us. So it is a choice. We do not have to understand the eight limbs of Yoga to move our bodies. The journey on the mat may create curiosity with in you to move more into the philosophy or lead you to a sense of calm. Either way creating a deeper connection with breath and body is key.

Danielle Anson - Namaste everyone, I’m Danni, and I can’t wait to meet you all at the International Day Of Yoga event in Wanaka. Originally from North Yorkshire, England, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to call Wanaka ‘home’ since 2016, and I'm currently teaching regular classes at the Community Centre in Hāwea. Yoga has been a love of mine for over 10 years, and this love of it led me to Blooming Lotus Yoga in Bali to study for my 200hr YTT, as well as an advanced meditation course. These courses gave me such a broad spectrum of many traditional yoga practices, and the more I learnt about it, the more I’ve realised that yoga is not about the flexibility of the body, but more about how your mind responds to your practice. From this, I appreciate how yoga really is for everyone – whether a complete beginner, or if you’ve been practising for years. I also believe that there is so much more to yoga than the asana (postures) which we practice in class, and there are many ways in which we can take yoga from our mats and implement it into our everyday lives. Since my initial YTT studies, I've also completed courses in Yin, Yoga Nidra & Ayurveda. I love teaching classes and being able to share the great number of benefits that yoga brings to both our bodies & our minds, and I look forward to being able to share this love of yoga with you.

Emmilee FendallEmmilee is a Level four Yoga New Zealand registered yoga teacher with training in therapeutic yoga who believes firmly in the power of yoga to create full, rich life with the ability to move well, breath well and be well.

Emmilee has been practising yoga for many years having discovered the practise, like many others, in a noisy university gym and was instantly hooked. She undertook her first 200hr yoga teacher training over 5 years ago in Thailand, which sent her on a journey of self-discovery and learning. Emmilee moved to Wanaka 4 years ago and settled in Luggate. She has been teaching in Cromwell for the last three years. She was the owner of Central Yoga Studio and is the co-founder of The Central Yoga Collaboration. Emmilee has since undertaken extra training in Yoga Therapy for the body, the breath and mental health. She is also a certified Yin yoga and Pre & Post-natal yoga teacher.

When she is not practising yoga Emmilee can be found snowboarding in the winter, Hiking in the summer or trail running in any season often with her two dogs in tow.

Gerald Todd - Gerry has been teaching yoga for three years here in Wanaka, He trained over in India, under
Yogrishi Vishvketu in the Akhanda yoga school. While he has been here in Wanaka he has been practicing under Susan Allen. He is passionate about Yoga, and it is an important part of his life. He believes in leading classes inspired by the work done from personal practice, aiming to bring authenticity into the room.

Jessie Maclaurin - Jessie has been a passionate yogini and meditator for the past ten years. She first began her journey in a small studio in her local town, where she fell in love with the practices of Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga. At this time she also began practicing Vipassana meditation, of the Theravada Buddhist lineage, attending and serving at silent meditation retreats regularly. Her discipline and dedication to this practice have helped her to cultivate a strong sense of awareness, and a clearer understanding and curiosity into the nature of the mind. Her passion for the outdoors, and in movement and mindfulness-based practices, then led her to complete her Yoga Teacher Certification at The School Of Contemporary Yoga in 2017, following completion of a Diploma in Outdoor Leadership and Management at Otago Polytechnic. She began teaching that same year, and subsequently travelled to India and Thailand to study and practice Yogic and Buddhist philosophy in more depth. Most recently, Jessie has been living in Canada, working as an outdoor educator and volunteering at Yasodhara Yoga Ashram in Southern British Columbia. Her hope is to share a practice that inspires self enquiry, curiosity, growth, and a deeper connection to one’s own mind and body. Jessie is now excited to be back home in Wanaka, teaching at Yoga Ground, and is looking forward to sharing her love for this transformative practice of yoga with the community.

Keity Garcia - Yoga practitioner since 2007, Keity decided to get her teacher training in 2018, going to India to do this, where she completed two of her five certifications. Before that, she was already studying meditation and Buddhism, lived in a monastery in Nepal and participated in a silent vipassana meditation retreat in Myanmar.
After her first teacher training, she has studied deeply about yoga philosophy, bandhas, biomechanics and the connection between pranayama and the nervous system. She taught yoga classes in Turkey and Brazil before moving to New Zealand, in 2019, when she registered herself with Yoga New Zealand organisation, created the Soul Yoga brand and has been teaching yoga since then. She has also been organizing the International Yoga Day event in Wanaka since 2020.
Keity is passionate about helping people, volunteering since teenager in different programs and countries.

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